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At Portadown Fireplaces, we are able to customise almost any fireplace surround to your taste and size requirement, which offers you a huge choice when it comes to selecting your perfect fireplace.

Whether you have a traditional wood burning stove or a contemporary modern fire, the right fireplace surround or mantlepiece can turn your fireplace into a showstopper, enhancing the warmth and atmosphere of your room.

Our team of experts recommend that you consider the following pointers when making your selection:

  • The type of heating appliance you have i.e. woodburner stove, gas or electric fire.
  • Decor Style- Is your room traditional or contemporary?
  • Material Surround is made from e.g. limestone, granite, marble, wood, cast iron.
  • Know your measurements- preferred height and width of surround suitable for your room- too big and the fireplace can dominate the room. Key measurements are the width of the chimney breast or else the dimensions on the wall area you are going to place the fireplace along with the size of the fireplace opening.
  • If you have a chimney breast, ideally the surround needs to fit within this space.

There are many complete surrounds that you can purchase straight off the shelf however as a leading Fireplace specialist, Portadown Fireplaces can offer you the option of choosing the surround, hearth, and insets separately for a more customised look.

Stone and Marble Surrounds

Stone surrounds including Limestone and Granite can really complement a living space for either a contemporary or traditional look. Marble is an opulent choice and as each piece of marble is unique it can add to wow factor to any room. Stone and Marble tend to be more expensive. Some stones such as limestone can be porous meaning that they can stain easy therefore be careful when leaving that glass of wine or mug of tea sitting on the shelf.


Wooden surrounds can be a very versatile and inexpensive option. Available in a range of tones and materials such as oak, birch and mahogany, they are renowned for being generally easier to fit. Wood surrounds can also be painted to match your decor. A rustic wooden beam across the top of a real fire can be very impactful.

* Note – it is very important to leave proper space between stove and surround to stop scorching

For more information or advice, please check out our huge selection in-store at our magnificent showroom 1 Foundry Street, Portadown.