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What is Eco-Design & when will it be implemented?

Eco-Design is the European-wide programme to lower emissions & improve air quality.  It will become mandatory for all stoves by 2022.

Some of the key manufacturers within the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) have risen to this challenge and have designed a number of stoves that meet the Ecodesign criteria now. These stoves carry the label ‘SIA Eco-Design Ready’ which are independently verified by HETAS.


  • The PM (Particulate emissions) limit for Eco-Design is 55% lower than for DEFRA exempt stoves.
  • Eco-Design products have to meet a set of clean-burning criteria. These are at least 90% better than an open fire and 80-84% better than older stoves. These figures are achieved by advanced air management.

For architects & new home builders:

Eco-Design Ready stoves are the most environmentally friendly stoves available today and benefit from:

  • Low co emissions
  • High efficiencies
  • Improved flame pictures

User Responsibility – Stoves have evolved – they are now much cleaner, and much more efficient however stove users need to take responsibility and ensure that you know what you can and can’t burn. Not only does it help the environment it helps you save money and allows you to enjoy a clean, well serviced stove for longer.

Burning Wet Wood: According to research conducted by Which*, nearly 33% of stove owners they spoke to, did not know the best fuel to use on their stove. Around 5% of stove owners Which spoke to use wet logs, and 4% use coal on their stove.

Don’t Slumber: 14% of the people surveyed by Which said they often let their stove slumber, while 5% said they do this each time they use their stove. Slumbering is when you set it to burn at a low output. The reduced burn rate can cause congestion to the stove and the flue, due to condensation and the release of various chemicals. You should always ensure your stove has a visible flame, and remember to use the air vents correctly.

Keep it Clean: Burning any type of fuel will eventually congest a flue, so it’s essential to have your chimney swept on a regular basis

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